My heart continues to be filled with gratitude for all of my life experiences - good and bad. I have experienced some great life events as well as encountered great people. Great fortune continues to follow me most of all; however, without a great deal of loss, heartache, failure, disappointment, despair, grief, confusion (Shall I Continue)....I would have NEVER been truly inspired, strengthened and courageous enough to begin this work of coaching. I know how it feels to only be doing "so-so", and even barely surviving from day to day - for one reason or another. It is my personal journey that inspires me to help others who are doing "okay", get to "great" and even -  "PHENOMENAL" in various aspects of life.


The Things That Happen In My LifeAs I reflect on my personal life experiences, I must convey that I was BORN to help people in a very personal and life changing way. I believe we are all born with a gift, sometimes even gifts, and I am fortunate to have always been aware of my gifts. However, even gifts require nurturing and development but I will continue on that subject in a moment. I have been an observer of people, the human mind, and human behavior for as long as I can remember.  The picture on the left is a book that I wrote as a small child. I am in the red dress and my younger brother is next to me in blue. A chapter in the book expresses my desire to work on some of my goals. Yes, at the age of eight I had goals - even if they were only goals to stop talking in class so much. Ha ha. Smile.


By the time I was a young adult - I knew the only thing I would study was Psychology. And I continued furthering my education with studies in business, leadership studies, personality, while practicing human resources and human consulting with small companies and a couple of big fortune 500 companies. (See my About Me page for more of a glimpse of my professional experience) I finally began a coaching business because I found in my work as a consultant and advisor -  I often wore the hat of coaching and did so very naturally...not only professionally but on a personal level. I was a magnet for attracting people who wanted to share their battles with me and often came to me for yoda-172228_640guidance to overcome  work challenges  but also challenges concerning their personal lives. One coworker, called me Yoda. She said to me one day, "You are like  Yoda; you are so incredibly wise." My reply was, "Yoda? Who is Yoda? Is Yoda  - Kathie Lee's partner on the Today Show?" I kid you not. I had no idea who Yoda was. (By the way, Kathie Lee's partner on that show is named "Hoda" - not "Yoda") My coworker explained that Yoda was from Star Wars...You know the legendary Jedi Master known for his power and wisdom. Then she pulled up a pic of Yoda. He looked rather familiar. Sorry, die hard Star Wars fans 🙂 See My Interests page for information on my interests.

Back to what I mentioned earlier - even gifts require nurturing and development. I knew as a small child that I was an observer of people, personal observations included and realized later - in my adult life -  that I was gifted at understanding people and connecting with them on a very personal level. I found myself helping people during or after the stumble and fall - discover how to get back up, and resume winning at this thing called Life. I was also a magnet for attracting people who were doing okay in life but wanted to improve themselves and do only better.


It has been a continued journey for me to continue to develop myself as an individual and as an expert - on as many levels as possible, so that I can continue to serve people in this capacity and do so with the up-most regard and understanding that each of us have a need to feel satisfaction in our lives and to excel in life. I am most proud of helping people get from that place of doing only okay to a place of THRIVING. We are here to flourish, prosper, succeed and blossom into more.

All the Best,

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