I believe in working hard. I come from family of hard workers. I am also a huge believer in living a balanced life. One of my most valued of Values is to keep active in my interests. I am an explorer at heart and in order to live and work from an inspired place, I regularly do the things that EXCITE me. Here are a few of my interests:

I am a HUGE Foodie. I love  food. I especially love dining out for ethnic cuisine. My favorites are Thai, Indian, Ethiopian, Caribbean and Latin cuisine. I do enjoy cooking at home also.  Here are some pics of food I have prepared.

I enjoy traveling. Some of my favorite locations within the United States are San Diego, California; Cape May, New Jersey; Arizona. In regards to over seas, I  have been to Spain, Italy, Aruba, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Tortola, Canada, Mexico and the Middle East. (I may be forgetting a couple of places.  There are some places I haven't been but have caught my attention for future trips. They include, Turkey, Dubai, and Australia.) Here are some photos from my travels over seas.

My weakness is Ice Cream. "I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream ....for ICE CREAM". Here is my gallery of ice cream, custards, and gelato of sorts.

I LOVE animals, especially DOGS. And I am Fascinated by Horses. I have a ten year old toy poodle named Diego. He has been with me through me through a good portion of my journey. Here are some pics of my dog Diego as well as horses I have encountered along the way.

THANKS for taking an interest by reading on what feeds my soul. Also, See My Journey page to read about my journey and the About Alaisha page for a general overview.

All the Best,

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