Alaisha Capers, Success Coach

Alaisha is grounded in what’s right and what’s working; what’s wanted and what’s needed to get there. She incorporates discovery based inquiry, and proactive ways of managing personal opportunities and challenges related to chronic illness and life. She offers constructive framing and feedback to elicit only positive responses and actions from her clients. She is able to assist you in developing your vision of success as contrasted with focusing on your problems. Her approach to understanding her client’s needs is profound and bar none.  She truly helps clients open up new possibilities and spur them into action no matter where they are in life and the barriers they may face.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What inspired you to become a Life Coach and a specifically a Chronic Illness LifeCoach? What happened in your life that led to such a path? 

2. What are your core coaching areas in which you help others? 

3. What excites you the most about being The Chronic Illness Life Coach?

4. From what I understand, you have made several life transitions. Tell me about a time you reinvented yourself and experienced successful outcomes.

5. In your years of personal experience with Multiple Sclerosis, as well as, working with other women with M.S. and other chronic conditions, what path or approach leads to significant positive progress in regards to healing and life fulfillment?

6. How are you different from other Life Coaches and gurus?

7. What principles and philosophies guide your work?

8. I’ll bet there are questions women with chronic conditions should be asking themselves, but they are not. What are those questions?

9. What are the greatest concerns women have to face if they want to reach their goals while battling chronic conditions?

10. What is the most important shift a person has to make if they want to overcome barriers that impede their progress?

11. I've seen you mention being #Chronically Empowered" what does that mean exactly?

12. How can people contact you as well as find you on Social Media?


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